CNC Machining CNC Machining Our clean & modern machine shop is full of the latest in CNC technology. We utilise multi axis CNC machines that can cater for parts up to 1.3 Metres in size. Our machines are equipped with the latest zero-point work holding technology, as we appreciate that work holding is a key factor when remaining competitive in the marketplace. To ensure we get the most out of our machines we program them offline using our state of the art Cad/Cam package. All our machines are networked allowing us to wirelessly transfer programme data back and forth from our Cad suite or from machine to machine.
Cad Cam Cad/Cam Design When needed we can design or modify existing designs for our clients either in a 2D or 3D format. This makes us a perfect partner for innovation as we have all the tools needed to take an idea all the way through to production.
CNC Machining Subcontract Finishing Process’s MPE is more than happy to take the hassle away from its clients and provide a full service of finishing processes. From plating to painting, heat treatment to grinding we have our own approved suppliers list to cater for every need. If required we can provide a Certificate of Conformity, showing full traceability for all subsequent finishing processes.
Assembly Assembly & Testing Once the manufacturing and finishing stages are complete we can provide a full assembly service of both the machined and any procured components. We can then test each individual assembly providing accurately recorded data to our clients.